Membership Costs

How much does it cost?

We have a range of dive fees according to the level you join us at. The beauty of becoming a member is that the more you learn, the more you save. Our fees include lectures, pool training and a free subscription to SCUBA Magazine. BSAC membership is paid separately.*

New Divers (those without a diving qualification)

Try Dive £10 (refund when you join)
BSAC membership £57.50/year
Hackney membership £140/year
Training materials £62 (dependent on training level)
Total cost £258.50 (approx)

Existing members and qualified divers

Qualification Joining HSAC Joining BSAC Total
Ocean Diver/Trainee/PADI OW/PADI AOW £130 £57.50 £186.50
Sport Diver/PADI Rescue £115 £57.50 £171.50
Dive Leader £90 £57.50 £146.50
Open Water Instructor £75 £52.50 £126.50
Advanced Diver £90 £52.50 £141.50
Advanced Instructor £30 £47.50 £76.50

Divers beginning a new course will also need to buy training materials, the cost of which varies with the course.


A second member of a household can be a BSAC abated member for a reduced cost of £39.50. (no matter the qualification. Only 1 copy of Scuba magazine will be sent)
Full time students (over 18) can be BSAC members for £29.50.
There is a £10 discount for payments made via Direct Debit.


Payment to BSAC can be done via Direct Debit, Debit Card and Credit Card. Payment to HSAC can be made via Direct Debit, Bank Transfer or cash.
Training costs can be paid by Bank Transfer or cash.
If both BSAC and HSAC fees are paid via Direct Debit, the money can be broken down in 10 instalments.

Training in the pool

There is a £3 fee for refilling the cylinder.
This will be paid to the pool marshal on that day. The pool marshal earns one free refill each time they volunteer.

 *Costs do not include dive trips or kit hire.