Scheduled Dive Trips

Note that this is not an exhaustive list of all dives done by the club. Informal dives, foreign holidays, midweek dives and so on are commonly arranged. This is a good list of our larger trips taken together as a club. To find out about the others, read the newsletter or ask around in the pub on Mondays.

How to book:
Dive Trips – send in deposit referencing name and trip to club account, and email Will (Treasurer) and allocated Dive Manager to confirm. You will be notified when final payment is due. No refund on trips, unless you are not qualified for trip, have injury that warrants you unable to dive, or can find a replacement/someone on waiting list. No-shows will have to pay full cost.

Dive Trips 2017

Looking for Dive Managers for those not already assigned. 

Costs and deposits coming soon.

Dates to bo added. 

Sat Dec 3rd 2016 – Dive Trip – Selsey  OCEAN 10 people min. (DM – Liz)

Weds April 5th – A1 sub dive  Portsmouth SPORTS (DM – Simon T)

Sat 23rd April – Newhaven OCEAN

Sat 6th May – Littlehampton OCEAN

Sat/Sun 20/21st May – Weymouth SPORTS

Sat/Sun 17/18th June (TBC if available and neaps) – Selsey OCEAN – 10 people

Fri-Sun 7-9th July – Farnes OCEAN

Sat/Sun 12/13th August – Eastbourne SPORTS

Sat/Sun 2/3rd Sept – location TBC – OCEAN

Fri-Sun 15-17th Sept – Lundy SPORTS – (DM- Brad)

November – CYPRUS

Dive Trips 2018

2018 – Normandy (DM-Will)

2019 – Scapa (DM Brad?) – Potentially. Watch this space.